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Loop was part of a 2 week solo student game about the struggles of the creative process. Character art, programming and design intent are all my work within these two week. Game play-through time is around 2-5 minutes.

Artist Statement on the game below:

"Loop" is a 2d side-scrolling platformer about being stuck about being stuck in a creative loop. Each portion of the game's design is intentionally created to tailor a certain experience for the player. Loop shows the progression of motivation that someone working in a creative field may feel when working on projects. The core message conveys being hit by a creative block, inevitably leading to the halting of work and the attempt to start again on something new.

The core mechanic of the game is progression, represented by the constant changes of aesthetic, dynamic and mechanics. The simple mechanic of pushing boxes serves as a metaphor for pushing through the stages of a project and the inevitable failure to do so at the end of the game. The Aesthetic change acts as another form of representing this progression, slowly changing the game's environment from bright and lively to a lifeless white, plain background. The sharp contrast in level design from start to finish acts to carry this core concept along, making even the basis of the game's objective become trivial. Along with these visual changes, the juxtapositioning of the audio serves to give a more complete feedback loop, starting from a bright and happy loop to a stark, elongated track. These concepts together act to drive the core principle of the games' design home in an attempt to allow the player to understand a problem that I have faced many times.

Designed and Created by Harry O'Connor.

Install instructions

Once the game is downloaded, unzip the game and it should be ready to go.


Loop.7z 9 MB

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